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Introducing ProducePay Storefront

Trading produce has never been easier. Access all the information you need in one place. Find verified buyers and sellers to trade with in our global network.


Sellers expand their business

Share your story

Personalize your Storefront with information such as specs, availability, photos, location, years of operations, certifications, and farming methods.


Be a trusted grower

Display the ProducePay Verified Seller badge, your seller ranking, and trade performance, including acceptance rates and delivery speeds.


Seamlessly exchange information with buyers

Communicate in real-time with buyers: respond to buyer product request or chat through your 
Storefront profile.


Buyers get access to trusted partners

Seller information all in one place

Access comprehensive details about sellers’ products and operations, such as specs, volumes, product photos, in-season commodities, location, certifications, and farming practices.


Work with trusted growers

We’ve done the hard work for you by vetting farmers from the US, Canada and Latin America.


Enjoy real-time communication

Communicate directly with sellers. Send a product request to sellers automatically.


Build a more resilient supply chain

Get access to delivery drop points and make shipment requests 24/7.


A Produce Marketplace You Can Trust

170K transactions in our Marketplace

19K+ Growers
in 14+ countries

60+ Commodities on
our Marketplace

Talk to one of our experts and get started today!