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Get a fair price for your produce and connect with verified buyers today!

Our Marketplace is your best option to expand your produce network and get access to cashflow before and during harvest.


Why are we your best ally?

Pre-Season Financing

Get up to $30MM US
in as little as 30 days

Trade Protection

We require our traders to follow PACA requirements, ensuring fair business practices and reducing uncertainty

Improve Liquidity

During growing season, manage cash flow needs as they arise with our financing options. 


Both parties decide on pricing & terms together. We make sure all transactions are shipped & paid on time

Expand your Network

Get access to a portfolio of pre-vetted buyers available for your all year round supply.

Market Insights

With ProducePay’s Insights Pro, analyze your sales performance, and compare it to real-time market prices.

Custom working capital to support your operational cash flow

With our Quick-Pay Financing Program, you can get guaranteed payment of up to 96% of your invoice in just 24 hours.


How it works?


You join our Marketplace, and we analyze your produce seasonality and buyer availability


We connect you with the a new, pre-vetted trading partner from our Marketplace portfolio


You send your shipment and get access to your cash flow in 24 hours

Start trading today

Fill in the form and a sales representative will get in touch with you very soon.

We Provide Valuable & FREE Information

We’ve developed in-depth analysis of select commodities grown in Mexico including details on production, exports and merchandising trends.

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Expand your produce network today!

Fill in the form and a sales representative will get in touch
with you very soon.