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The Top 5 Produce Industry Trends That Will Matter in 2023

The produce industry is ever-changing. Wherever you operate in the supply chain, remaining competitive requires staying ahead of these changes.


2023 is set to be an exciting year – but also a dynamic and unpredictable one. Trends in sustainability, logistics, go-to-market processes and more will help shape the industry.

The ProducePay experts have put together this eBook to help you understand the key trends for this year, and get ahead.

Stay Ahead of the Key Industry Shifts

2023 is going to be a big year in produce.

  • Demand for certain fresh fruits and vegetables is anticipated to increase significantly.
  • Consumers are expressing an increased desire for food traceability and sustainable practices.
  • Produce players are implementing more stringent measures to tackle supply chain and go-to-market challenges.

To seize further opportunities this year, produce players like you must be geared with knowledge of these trends and more.

Our eBooks sets you up for success, allowing produce players to make 2023 a fruitful year.

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We Provide Valuable & FREE Information

We’ve developed in-depth analysis of select commodities grown in Mexico including details on production, exports and merchandising trends.

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Read our e-book now:

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